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This game is trash

I don’t like that the place is small

I don’t know!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


Best driving game ever🚙🚙🚙🚙🚙🚙


Ok, so at first this game was pretty fun. It was a little hard, but fun. Once you get better at it though and start to get pretty far, ADS COME UP AND YOU LOSE. Please do not buy this it’s just a waste of time, and they just want you to have to pay to get rid of ads.


I was in the middle of beating my high score i was at 12378 on my high score is 12379 and then a frickin ad decides to pop up and ruins every thing YOUR GAME IS TRASH

Finger driver

I love this game ! Needs more track options and better colorful or different shaped vehicles

Skips and jerks

Just not worth it. Because of the million ads that clutter this game, it constantly skips and jerks making it unplayable. You get tokens which are unusable for anything. The game has potential, but needs a lot of work.


it’s an ok game but glitches to much, pauses and continually makes me die. pop up ads are also super annoying and goes on while i play and also causes me to die. it’s really annoying, otherwise it’s an ok game

Too hard

Either I'm just dumb or this game is pretty hard to play. I keep wrecking after the second bend every time. Ended up deleting after five minutes.


I can not get it because you can not do anything to make me up for it to come to you because I’m going back and then you doing what I do and then you hang up with you and you don’t have a lot to tell you because I want to do it and you can do that and you can not tell you how I feel you know I know that I can not tell him I tell him that you can not do that you can not get him that I want to do it and you hang up and tell me you want me you to tell him that I know what I do and I tell him I tell her.


Must mediocre game ever

Horrible ig

Bro I had an ad when I was playing and it made me die

add this

a shuffle option for cars & it’ll be perfect

Good game but the lag ruins it

Like I said, it lags a ton. It lags to a point where the game is unplayable. This game is very easy, but the lag screws you up to a point where you have to keep playing over and over. Maybe they made it like that on purpose... Edit: I deleted the game because the lag has ruined it completely for me. Shame it wasn’t fixed.



Game is great, pop up ads inconvenient

The game itself is great, but the constant ads popping up ruin it.

Extremely Laggy

Fun game but always lags; makes the game unplayable.

Cucumber won’t work can’t hack or reach war

Game suks

No ads?

Fun game and would have been 5 stars HOWEVER I paid for no ads and I’m still getting full frame ads! Where do I get my $2.99 back?


Fun game but way too many ads!!!!

Listen... the lag...

It started off okay there for a while, but it’s become so choppy and laggy that it’s decreases the value of play tremendously to the point where it’s almost literally impossible to play. Which is a shame, because I loved the game before it went off the rails. Please if you experience this too, add it to your review so it can get fixed and I can get back to loving this game.


All they care about is showing you adds

Good game, but...

It’s a good game, but the ads slow the game up. I usually play this game without wifi or data and it works perfectly. The ads cause it to glitch and freeze making it harder to play. If i don’t play it with the wifi and data off it also slows down my phone from all the ads. But anyway other than that it’s okay.

Don’t get it


When I go backwards

Every time I go backwards it sometime gives me the tunnel with all the gems but anytime after that it just gives me a dead end. I like the game that is the only problem I have with it.

Do not play

Do not play this game!this game is poooooooooooooooooooooooooop do not play it is very ofall there is to many ads DO NOT PLAY!

Your game is hard


Tithe worst game ever

Ban mean not fun game

How fun

This game is hard but fun I think u guys have the best games

Fun game

Fun and relaxing game to play. Pretty difficult but fun if you master the controls



Can be a fun game

The ads are so repetitive and annoys me so the game is no longer fun

I know you want money but...

This game could be fun. But I don’t know because it’s impossible to play. There are so many ads that you can’t even try the game to see if you want spend $3 on it. Off the bat I can tell you - it’s not worth 3 bucks. This is the worst marketing strategy I’ve ever seen - to keep redirecting your user to other games and apps instead of spending time on your game - it goes beyond of what not to do best practices - it’s just dumb. Here how you fix it. 1- Make it free and remove all ads 2- Add new features that can be bought with game coins (good ones like awesome new rides, color scheme, boosters, revivals, slow motion...) 3- Make coin packs to be purchased for real money 4- Create online competition, easy share progress on social 5- Sell Merchandise

Finger driver

I recommend not playing this is very disappointing.

Hate This Game

The Game is rigged

As per usual

Katchapp has a great idea for a game, but it’s ruined by the constant advertisements. Definitely not a game to play for more than two or three minutes. It’s free for a price.

I like it

It’s an awesome game! I got addicted to it in the first 5 minutes playing it, and haven’t stopped playing it since

The adds are too much

2 games in a row, an add piped up on my screen at about 400 so it kills my which if completely crap.

To much ads

There are putting to much ads it is unbelievable

Very fun, but...

This is a very fun game and very addictive..but I want to delete it so bad, but I can’t, I love it too much. I would definitely give this 5 stars but the reason I wont and want to delete it, is because SOOOO MANY ads pop up while you’re playing, therefore causing you to loose. It’s so frustrating. I wish they would fix that.

ADS ADS and more ADS

Game couple be fun but the developer puts wayyyyy too many ads in here, as they do in EVERY SINGLE GAME they develop. Takes the fun out of it.

Doesn’t Support Iphone X

This game is fun, and pretty addictive. But whenever adds pop up on Iphone X it doesn’t allow for the ‘x’ to be clicked in order to exit the add, therefore you will have to close out the app and your high score won’t be saved

Ads ads ads ads

Ads play when the race starts

Tap Control


Dumb game



Intentionally designed for frequent failure to spawn ads, no more no less. The game itself is boring and without challenge, the only difficulty coming from uncomfortable vehicle control, and your only motivation to get better at controlling it is to avoid ads for a little bit longer. This is the epitome of a crappy ios app: a half-assed ad-frenzy disguised as a game. Don't bother.

Best Ketchapp game yet?

Love the new arena and tap controls. It's good to have options. Everything about this game makes it a great casual go-to. I would recommend a better icon but other than that if you are looking for a fun casual high score chaser, this is it

Finger Time!

Hello I am TheNeoCubest and I think it’s hard at first but then you get used to it.People think it’s easy but it’s not like that.Its cool though!Enjoy it!

My record

Im top of the arena leaderboards!! So that’s amazing I just check the guy behind my score has 2,000 points my record is 6,000 who can beat it?! I worked hard so if you can beat it your good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ADs are great and all but.....

I get that games utilize ads as a method for income and it’s what keeps the game free! HOWEVER, why is there an ad popping up every 5 seconds!? I get 10 seconds into the game and an ad pops up. 😑 As if another ad won’t pop up once I crash the car. I don’t do reviews often but Ketchapp and Voodoo are driving me crazy at this point. Please fix it. It’s a nice concept and it was entertaining for a while, but you could do so much better. Won’t be recommending this game or downloading another app made by these people, but best of luck to you 👍🏾

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