Finger Driver App Reviews

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Restore purchases does not work

I paid for the no ads version of this game, however I still have an abundance of ads. Fix this and I will happily give 5 stars!




A terrible game would not recommend playing it.🤮

Great game

Best arcade game of all time


This game is so fun for everyone


I’m deleting the app because every time I play I die because of a stupid add like why

Best game ever

This is the best game ever I love getting 200 coins so I can get a other vehicle and I like doing the missions

This game has a few problems

This game is fun but the ads get really annoying. Sometimes when you first get on the game an add pops up first thing. Sometimes when you are driving an add pops up. Besides that I like the game but if you are impatient I don’t recommend this game to you.

It awesome

No lagging. It awesome

really fun time killer

i got all the cars (including the daily reward) (excluding the cars you have to watch ads for) and wound up getting to around challenge 45. guess i just wish there was a little more to the game

No ads purchase doesn’t actually mean no ads

You still get ads even when you purchase no ads option.


I love ketchapp’s games, but this one stands out. For me it’s pretty laggy.

Love the game but needs easy controllers and a lot of ads

I try to make my first time but I died over and over again then a ad pops up I’m only 9 yrs old but it’s also hard because I have no glasses on right now....but I love the car designs and the missions!

so laggy and obnoxious i am ANGRY

it’s 2:00 am and ive been on the road all day and ive been trying to play this dumb game and EVERY SINGLE TIME I TRY TO PLAY IT SHOWS ME AN AD RIGHT AFTER I START AND IT WONT LET ME DRIVE BC IT LAGS SO MUCH I CANT DRIVE BC THE CAR STAYS WHILE MY FINGER STEERS AND ITS STUPID OKAY thank you for reading, please consider my WORDS

Too much ads

Ads pop up every time after a game! EVERY TIME!!!!!

It’s pretty good

This game is really fun, but the only thing is that every 4 rounds there is an add. That annoys me sometimes. Also sometimes it glitches and that makes me have to start another round. But the rest of the game is awesome!! Keep up the good work!!❤️❤️😁




This gam is awesome

Love it...kinda

I loved this game but then thy updated it and I then hated it. I finally got the hang of it then they change the hole porpoise of it but if u are new to it u will probably not see a difference but change it back.


This app can help me get ready for my drivers test. The app is super fun and addictive but the 2 problems were that when I turned the wheel and it went the other way and the car just went too fast in general, but overall I would recommend getting this game.

So Dumb

This app is really a goofy game. Just, boooo! Too hard due to steering dynamics not being designed well. The ads play after each failed attempt, which are numerous. You see more ads than game time. This game is straight up ad bait if there ever was one. Don’t waste your time. I knew after 10 min I’d been ad slapped!

Ads in the middle of the game!!

While I’m playing an ad pops up and I lose! That’s really frustrating

Could Use Some Work

The app is simple; just use the steering to drive the car. The steering is squirrelly, the orientation of the steering wheel flipping mid-play (without removing finger from screen). It has killed me more times that I’d like to admit. The issue is more the highly intrusive ads, so interruptive that I considered buying the app (I won’t be). They shouldn’t take the playability of the app hostage for the privilege of not being bombarded with advertisement after advertisement.

Fix arena mode

Good game but you can infinitely drive in arena mode and my brother here is now at 10000 in arena mode please fix now

The question

The game is cool but sometimes it’s hard to do she you so make it more harder please


Cool is so cool because you can learn to drive that would be cool with you guys that would if you got this game finger driver that would go with this game I’m playing Finger Driver right now that’s so cool if you guys want is typing finger drive or finger driver finger driver listen to that one with the F OK bye

I hate your game ;)

You have the dumbest game it is worst than the hackers on roblox and that is sad how dumb you and your game is I hope you both die . Like I want your game to go DOWN !

Don't get this app

I thought I would like this game but it was stopping me when I got a good score.when I started the game it was very hard to tern. when I lost it asked if I wanted to continue when I said no it put me straight on an add.over all I was disappointed and I would not get this app.


It’s way too hard but overall the rest is good including he graphics.


I can’t get passed at level

Finger drive

Wait to hard and to much add


You can play the game for 10 seconds without an ad in you face(I’m not exaggerating) Second of all the game is not fun, the controls are bad and it’s all around boring.

Thank you 🙂

Hi this is really good I just loved the app🦄😍

Love It❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

It’s a fun and it’s so addicting


Good but full screen ads will just pop up while I play


It glitches all the time


This is a new issue. Everyone I touch the screen an ad pops up. I was playing just fine and now the game is unplayable please fix.

Very good


Amazing game, one thing

This game is cool and amazing! Although, there is one thing that could make this game even more amazing, online play. The way I see it, you can have a daily track and you could try to get more distance than everyone else and get coins for getting good scores. So, the bottom line is, amazing game, new mode, good job


So fun but when I turn left it turns right and that is annoying but other than it is a good and easy game. There is a lot of ads Which I hate.



I love this game!😇

This game is the best thing that has ever happened to me because it is my life

I'm not sure what happened there old one is in a lot I don't think so but it

Not good🤬😾😾😾😾



Review by @majesticgomer

This game has helped me drive better in real life for instance I am always on the look out for emeralds and leveling up!


You need a break and a go, and stop putting ads in your face every time I get to 50 miles or 100 it pops up in your face


This is an amazing app. Quick question : How did you make this app.........?✌🏿🍁😜😍🎄


You guys better get your sorry butt in gear and fix this HORRIBLE app you call AWESOME!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡You’ve made me so mad and you don’t WANT to do that!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Th game

Is extremely addictive and fun

  • send link to app